He’s kicking

Your little brother is starting to kick.  We are still trying to get you to hold your hand on mom’s belly to feel it.  But your patience level isn’t quite there yet.  🙂  We are also trying to potty train you.  Would be nice to have you at least aware of the idea by the time your brother gets here.

Wait, I didn’t tell you about finding out the new baby was a boy did I?  Sorry about that.  Your mom actually tells that story well.  I’ll get her to post something.  She also has a good story about how we found out about her being pregnant.

You are growing up so fast.  I’m actually digging it.  It’s so much fun watching your ride your scooter and your glide bike.  You are talking a lot too.  We’re still trying to understand most things you say.  I’m convinced that you really are communicating real things and not just babbling.

I need to start directing some posts to your brother.  But for now I’ll sign off with something to both of you.  Stop FIGHTING!!  🙂

Love you both,