Special Days

So, it’s been a seriously long time since I’ve posted anything.  Our little girl isn’t so little anymore.  Same with the little man.  Today is a special day, but I’m fearful of talking giving too many details in such a public way.  The world we live in these days is scary when you are a parent.

So, I’m woking on a new way to communicate with the 2 of you.  It’ll be easier on your mom and I too.  Hopefully the next message you read will be that way.

Talk to you soon.



Ok.  So, I haven’t even posted so far this year.  How sad.  🙁  Sorry about that.  Lots has happened.  We got a mini-van.  The charger is gone and the mini-van took it’s place.  We are officially domesticated.  Honestly, I love the van. The charger was fun.  It had a lot of power, but it was terrible when it came to space.  Just didn’t work anymore with 2 growing kids and their stuff.

2 kids.  Both getting big.  She is quickly turning into a young lady.  He is moving well and will be walking soon.  Blows my mind.  Sometimes I just sit and watch you both.  I think of what your mother and I did before you came along and I have a hard time coming up with things.  I just all seems so insignificant now.  I’ve learned so much about life and faith.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I see some of myself and your mother in both of you.  Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s scary.  Scary because I know what that attitude or that trait will lead.  Maybe we can explain them and you can avoid the pitfalls.  More likely you’ll need to learn the hard way like we did. Hopefully we’ll be understanding and remember our times through that.

Summer’s coming.  Can’t wait to get both of you to the lake this year.  It’s going to be interesting.

Gotta get back to work.  Yes, I’m typing this at work.  🙂



September Already

Last post was in February.  Man, times flies.  Last time I wrote our little girl’s baby brother wasn’t even a month old.  Now he’s a pretty big and long (imagine that) little boy.  Our little girl isn’t a toddler anymore.  She really is a little girl.  Little being relative.  She’s a head taller than everyone else in her class at church.  🙂

She has had (and still does really) trouble with having a little brother around.  All that sharing is tough.  But it’s been good too.  Last night she played with him some and it was a really cool moment to watch.

Her 3rd birthday was recently.  That was fun.  Had parties with both sets of grandparents.  I was determined to get her a soccer ball.  When I took her out to look at them, she ran past them and grabbed a baseball bat and a pink batting helmet.  So now she has a plastic t-ball set as well as a soccer ball from mom and dad.

I hope you and your brother enjoy them both together.

Love you both.


New Baby Brother

So, our little girl has a brand new baby brother.  You are being really good about it and very helpful to your mom.  Now that I’m back to work, she’s going to need you.  Should be interesting how it all plays out.  All I have to do with this blog is figure out how to write to both of you and keep things at least a little anonymous.  That part may be pointless these days, especially considering the blogroll, but it makes me feel better.

So.  Hopefully, the both of you will grow up and read all this.  For those of you new here, the idea behind this is to just try and record the thoughts on the people your mom and I are right now, instead of the old people you’ll get to know later.  🙂 We’ll see how it works out.

Love you both.


He’s kicking

Your little brother is starting to kick.  We are still trying to get you to hold your hand on mom’s belly to feel it.  But your patience level isn’t quite there yet.  🙂  We are also trying to potty train you.  Would be nice to have you at least aware of the idea by the time your brother gets here.

Wait, I didn’t tell you about finding out the new baby was a boy did I?  Sorry about that.  Your mom actually tells that story well.  I’ll get her to post something.  She also has a good story about how we found out about her being pregnant.

You are growing up so fast.  I’m actually digging it.  It’s so much fun watching your ride your scooter and your glide bike.  You are talking a lot too.  We’re still trying to understand most things you say.  I’m convinced that you really are communicating real things and not just babbling.

I need to start directing some posts to your brother.  But for now I’ll sign off with something to both of you.  Stop FIGHTING!!  🙂

Love you both,


Heh. Guess What…

So, remember in my last post where I mentioned writing about a little brother or sister?  Well, your mom is pregnant.  Go figure.  🙂  You’re going to be a great big sister.

You’ve been growing like crazy lately, not just physically, but mentally too.  Watching you trying to figure things out on your own is really cool.  Of course, you’ve developed a serious independent streak.  That’s not surprising considering your mom and I have it too.  It is a bit of a challenge at times, but I wouldn’t change that for the world.  You also are very helpful and like sharing, even to a point of getting mad about it when we don’t want what you are trying to share. Hopefully you’ll be very helpful when your mom is further along in the pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you react when your mom starts to really look pregnant.  Should be interesting.

Talk to you again soon.

Love Dad.

So much for trying to do better

Hello again.  You’re a year and a half old now and it’s been since July of last year since I’ve posted.  Still have to get your mom to post something.  I’ve been thinking about making you an email address.  That way I can easily send random things to you whenever I want.  May have to do that.

So, as I read my last post you weren’t walking yet.  Well, you are now and your pretty good at it.  You even run a little bit.  You have all your teeth and haven’t bit me in quite some time.  Progress!  Still waiting for you to talk.  You say da-da and ma-ma pretty good and sometimes it sounds like you’re saying other things as well.  I’m thinking you just don’t have much use for it yet.  Your grandma always said that I wouldn’t do anything until I could do it perfect.  So, I figure one of these days you’ll start talking as if you’ve always known how.  One thing is for sure, you understand us pretty well.  A lot of the times we’ll ask you to do something and you’ll do it.  I’m curious as to how long that’ll last.  🙂

Your mom’s photography business is doing pretty well lately.  You are the subject of a lot of her photos and you are a total ham.  Get your mom to show them all to you.  I know, I know…  You’ve probably seen them all a hundred times.  Do it anyway.  It makes your mom happy.

You are about a full head taller than just about all the other kids your age.  It blows me away until I realize how many tall people there are in our family.  You’ve just about out grown your crib.  Some kids use their crib until they are 3 or older!  We’ll be lucky if you use it until you’re 2.  I found some plans online for making a bed for you that’s low to the floor.  So falling out if it won’t be too bad.

Well, things are pretty good.  We have our challenges of course.  Being a one income family does that, but I wouldn’t change anything.  I’m digging every second of this dad thing.  One of these days maybe I’ll be writing to you about a little brother or sister…

Love you



So, here we are about a month and a half away from your first birthday and I haven’t posted anything since February.  I’m sorry sweetie.  I’ll try to do better.  Might be time to get your mom in here to post too.  She’s recording all your milestones on our iPad.  Should be interesting to see how clunky that thing is when you’re old enough enough to read this.  My last post was about your first tooth.  Well, now you have 8 teeth and really enjoy using them.  When you read this ask me if I have any scars.  So far, it’s all good.

So, what else is going on…  Sometime in the next few weeks your cousin will be born.  I have a feeling that you and her will be quite a pair.  Your uncle and I have our work cut out for us.  You’re almost walking.  You can walk along furniture like an expert, but not quite ready to venture out without something to hold on to.  You and I were playing on the floor and you used me to stand up and then stood completely on your own for a few seconds.  It was pretty cool.  Ever since then I’ve made it a habit to make you stand up and use only my hands to steady yourself.  You get better at it every time.

Talking…  you are close to that too.  You babble all the time when you are in good mood (and a little whiny when you’re not 🙂 ).  Still haven’t heard your first word yet, although it sounded like you said “Hi” recently.  So maybe that was it.  We say that to you a lot.  That’s too easy though.  I keeping whispering “da da” in your ear.  So maybe…  You’ll probably start off with complete sentences or something.  You seem to be really smart about things and like to figure things out for yourself.  Your mom and I both have big independent streaks, so it stands to reason you’d have one too.  Don’t forget to ask for help, it makes life easier and less stressful.  Try to recognize when you need help too.  I have trouble with that one.

We get lots of compliments on you.  Very easy going…  Such a happy baby…  You have your moments, but you’ve been a real blessing to your mom and I.  We thank God for you every day.  Make sure we don’t forget that.

Ok sweetie, I think I’m done for now.  I love you.


A tooth!

We haves tooth! Haven’t actually seen it yet, but trust me when I say it’s there. 🙂 I’m writing this as you sleep in my arms at 4:38am. I have to be up at 6 to get ready or work. You seem to sleep 8 hours (most of the time), but when you fall asleep at 7 or 8 pm it makes for an early morning for mom or dad. Always makes for an interesting day, but you’re worth it.

Right now you’re snoring pretty good. You’re pretty cute when you sleep… And when you’re awake… And playing… And talking… And even when you’re trying to chew on my finger with that new tooth.

I think it’s time to get you back in your crib. Talk to you soon.

Love Dad.