Saw the first ultrasound pictures of the baby.  It was all a little unorganized in my opinion.  She had multiple doctor appointments over a few days and we really didn’t know what was happening when, but we thought we did.  The first doctor appointment was for her yearly checkup and a possible heartbeat of the baby.  So, this is the one I really wanted to be there for.  So, I took a long lunch and went.  Too soon to hear the heartbeat as it turns out, but the doc rolled in the ultrasound machine and we got a shot of the baby.  Basically a blob on the screen.  Couldn’t make out details, but it was still cool.

Well, the next appointment was a few days later, but we didn’t know what this one was for.  Turns out it was to get some detailed ultrasound shots of the baby using a different “method”.  I won’t go into details, but you dads probably know what I mean.  They saw the baby.  Took measurements.  It even moved.  The kid is a ham right from the start.  🙂  I totally would have taken some time off if we’d known that’s what was going to happen.  They did get some printouts that I saw.  It would have been nice to see it all live, but seeing those pictures (and the detail) blew my mind.  Totally made my day.

Lesson for the day, ask more questions.  All this is routine for the doctors and such.  So, it’s up to me to get informed and be there for the important stuff.

From here on out, all I will need for a little moral boost is to look at those pictures.  At least until the next ultrasound in about 8 weeks.

Can’t wait.