A good day

Your mom and I went to the doctor today to get a good look at you. We got some great pictures. We even decided that we even wanted to find out your gender now instead of waiting until you were born. Well, turns out that you had something to say about that. You weren’t interested in letting us know at all. Pretty funny actually. We spent the whole pregnancy up until a few days ago thinking we didn’t want to know. Then the day comes and you decide, nope, I don’t think so.

The doc wants us to come back so they can get another look. They just want to make sure everything is forming properly. That’s the only part they weren’t able to check. Everything else is great. I knew it would be great to see you and hear your heartbeat, but I didn’t realize how cool it would be. I was mesmerized by the sound of your heart, beating so fast. Watching it beat, watching you move around, your hands and feet, that thumbs up shot we got (remind me to show you that one), amazing. Totally amazing.

Afterwards we went for a walk down by the river. Your mom got some great pictures of some ducks and geese. She’s really good at that. They always seem to stop and pose for her when she’s taking their picture. Pretty cool to see. You’ll find out all that soon enough.

The weather was great. Warm and sunny. Nice to see after such a rough winter. Your mom says the snow isn’t coming back. I think she’s right. All in all it was a pretty good day.

Welcome to motherhood

I love being pregnant now that I am past the nausea stage. Lots of amazing and wonderful feelings. So many changes, physical and emotional. Being that this is my first time, I just never know what each day will bring. One day I have nausea, the next I am having back pain. I have to admit when we first found out, it just didn’t feel real even though I was having all the normal symptoms fatigue, nausea, etc. When we saw the first ultrasound (the blob), even though we couldn’t see much detail, we knew the baby was there.

The next appointment I saw the real ultrasound with much more detail and it was awesome to see. Today I feel really good, no back pain and I have weekend off. Yeah! I went out to dinner with some friends from work and had great food. I’m feeling pretty full and pretty good. I am just enjoying each day and looking forward to what each day will bring and each phase of this great experience with my wonderful husband.


Saw the first ultrasound pictures of the baby.  It was all a little unorganized in my opinion.  She had multiple doctor appointments over a few days and we really didn’t know what was happening when, but we thought we did.  The first doctor appointment was for her yearly checkup and a possible heartbeat of the baby.  So, this is the one I really wanted to be there for.  So, I took a long lunch and went.  Too soon to hear the heartbeat as it turns out, but the doc rolled in the ultrasound machine and we got a shot of the baby.  Basically a blob on the screen.  Couldn’t make out details, but it was still cool.

Well, the next appointment was a few days later, but we didn’t know what this one was for.  Turns out it was to get some detailed ultrasound shots of the baby using a different “method”.  I won’t go into details, but you dads probably know what I mean.  They saw the baby.  Took measurements.  It even moved.  The kid is a ham right from the start.  🙂  I totally would have taken some time off if we’d known that’s what was going to happen.  They did get some printouts that I saw.  It would have been nice to see it all live, but seeing those pictures (and the detail) blew my mind.  Totally made my day.

Lesson for the day, ask more questions.  All this is routine for the doctors and such.  So, it’s up to me to get informed and be there for the important stuff.

From here on out, all I will need for a little moral boost is to look at those pictures.  At least until the next ultrasound in about 8 weeks.

Can’t wait.