So much for trying to do better

Hello again.  You’re a year and a half old now and it’s been since July of last year since I’ve posted.  Still have to get your mom to post something.  I’ve been thinking about making you an email address.  That way I can easily send random things to you whenever I want.  May have to do that.

So, as I read my last post you weren’t walking yet.  Well, you are now and your pretty good at it.  You even run a little bit.  You have all your teeth and haven’t bit me in quite some time.  Progress!  Still waiting for you to talk.  You say da-da and ma-ma pretty good and sometimes it sounds like you’re saying other things as well.  I’m thinking you just don’t have much use for it yet.  Your grandma always said that I wouldn’t do anything until I could do it perfect.  So, I figure one of these days you’ll start talking as if you’ve always known how.  One thing is for sure, you understand us pretty well.  A lot of the times we’ll ask you to do something and you’ll do it.  I’m curious as to how long that’ll last.  🙂

Your mom’s photography business is doing pretty well lately.  You are the subject of a lot of her photos and you are a total ham.  Get your mom to show them all to you.  I know, I know…  You’ve probably seen them all a hundred times.  Do it anyway.  It makes your mom happy.

You are about a full head taller than just about all the other kids your age.  It blows me away until I realize how many tall people there are in our family.  You’ve just about out grown your crib.  Some kids use their crib until they are 3 or older!  We’ll be lucky if you use it until you’re 2.  I found some plans online for making a bed for you that’s low to the floor.  So falling out if it won’t be too bad.

Well, things are pretty good.  We have our challenges of course.  Being a one income family does that, but I wouldn’t change anything.  I’m digging every second of this dad thing.  One of these days maybe I’ll be writing to you about a little brother or sister…

Love you