Heh. Guess What…

So, remember in my last post where I mentioned writing about a little brother or sister?  Well, your mom is pregnant.  Go figure.  🙂  You’re going to be a great big sister.

You’ve been growing like crazy lately, not just physically, but mentally too.  Watching you trying to figure things out on your own is really cool.  Of course, you’ve developed a serious independent streak.  That’s not surprising considering your mom and I have it too.  It is a bit of a challenge at times, but I wouldn’t change that for the world.  You also are very helpful and like sharing, even to a point of getting mad about it when we don’t want what you are trying to share. Hopefully you’ll be very helpful when your mom is further along in the pregnancy.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you react when your mom starts to really look pregnant.  Should be interesting.

Talk to you again soon.

Love Dad.