There are about a thousand decisions that need to be made at some point. I guess I knew there would be, but my mind keeps finding new ones each time we figure something out.

At some point in time the Mrs wants to do photography full time. She’s good at it so it makes total sense and I totally support the idea. The question is when can we handle that and how do we transition? Daycare is the biggest thing we have to deal with no matter what. If she continues working we have to pay for it and if she doesn’t we have to adjust our budget to deal with the loss of her income until her business gets going. Both of those decisions affect our ability to fund her business they way we would like. I could write all day about the various scenarios that come to mind, but that would take all day and probably wouldn’t accomplish much. For now I keep notes on the trusty iPad so I don’t forget anything. I’m bad about that sometimes.

The truth is that God will provide answers to my questions and will provide the things we need going forward. Those two things may not end up having anything to do with each other. Not to mention that it probably won’t happen as quickly as I’d like, but that’s just another part of the life long lesson on patience God has me on. But God will provide, I have no doubt about that. Sometimes I just wonder if all of the scenarios that come to my mind are part of God’s plan to help the situation or is me worrying more than I should…